Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lemongrass Dog

See, dog isn't just for the Chinese...
Acquire two pounds of dog meat. Try to ensure that it is from a medium-sized dog; the breed does not matter, unless you have certain preferences. Usually, the local flea market will have six or seven stands that specialize in dog meat.

Mince four 3-feet stalks of fresh lemongrass. (Alternatively, use an 8 oz. package of frozen minced lemongrass.)

Mix the minced lemongrass with three tablespoons of Vietnamese fish sauce, two teaspoons of lime juice, and a half teaspoon of lime zest. A brand I like to use is Three Crabs Brand, but all in all, fish sauce tends to taste the same.

Chop the dog meat into 1-inch pieces. Add the lemongrass marinade and stir. Leave the mixture refrigerated overnight.

Either sauté, steam, or grill the meat. My favorite way to cook this dish is to skewer the meat chunks and roast it in a rotisserie oven.
The funny thing is that having been in the military, I know people who've eaten dog when they were stationed in Vietnam. It was quite funny, from what I understand, to initiate the fresh-off-the-boat troops in these sorts of "humorous" ways...

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