Friday, July 3, 2009

Ban the burka

Pat rants about how Islam sucks. But it's hard to not agree with the main thrust of his arguments, even though some point him as "racist" because he sees the problems of the fanatics that control Islam and speaks to the evil of so much of Islam.

I kind of agree with his rants to an extent it's against the extremists. Mostly because the people who practice it use it to reinforce their evil ways and good people won't stand up to these practices, for example:

Immigrant refugee man from Iraq sodomize young Swedish girl, Police does not do anything, the Swedish Town reacts to bring Justice, but the Swedish Press call the mob racist.

The town of Raskravaller in Sweden was a scene of violent ethnic crisis that shocked the whole country.

As the town prepared to welcome 46 refugees from Iraq. A man from immigrant background, who was not even remerciful to be accepted in Sweden, violently attacked a young local Swedish girl, attempting to commit vile act of pedophilia against her.

The Swedish police did not intervene to render justice for the innocent young Swedish, victim of sexual abuse, because any intervention, by the local police would be deemed racist, and politically incorrect.

As consequence, the whole town took matter in hand and attempted to bring justice back for the little girl who was sexually abused, trying to revenge and bring out the sexual predator to justice.

In a socialist country where political correctness is obsessed hiding acts of violence commited by immigrants, the Press is urged to hide the rapes commited by immigrants, by accusing the Swedish people of racism, and hiding the truth from the public
There's a lot more going on than just this... Sweden, Denmark,, have let in hundreds of thousands of Muslims. According to some estimates, that 4%-5% of the population is responsible for over one-half the rapes. In Denmark, or maybe Sweden, can't remember, Amnesty International pointed out that a woman was more likely to be raped in her life than robbed. And, while they don't spell it out directly in their report, they beat around the bush and point out that it's the direct correlation of muslim immigration.

So when Pat rants... It's hard to speak against him... He's living in a first world nation being destroyed by third-world mentalities and the governments inability to address the problem for fear some people might call them names...

This inaction, of course, leads to more uncorrected behavior as those who need the law to behave do not receive the punishment they earn. And, of course, greater racism as people pull back and become more ethnocentric. Like the people in this town who will probably never accept these Iraq refugees at this point. In the end, it will be a vicious circle spiraling out of control.

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