Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Torture is Rape with Changed Semantics.

Dick Cheney's daughter Liz Cheney asked if she could stay on longer on MSNBC this morning to ambush Eugene Robinson about torture.

I know it's desperate non-sense spouted by a daughter who is trying to save her father's life and reputation, it's still difficult to believe Liz Cheney keeps going on the air to say that waterboarding cannot, by definition, be torture since we do it to our own people to prepare them for the experience of being tortured.

Beyond the obvious fact we're doing it to prepare for them for the experience of being tortured (Hello! Hello!) it is obvious that being waterboarded by your fellow soldiers, knowing that you won't be injured and that the whole experience will be very short, is nothing at all like being waterboarded by captors dozens of times with no reason to believe it will ever end or that they won't kill you?

I honestly wish I was there and I would have asked her if we should abolish rape as a crime because men and women, in fact, do enjoy having sex. And since men and women enjoy sex so much, what's the difference, Liz? Why the crime?

Oh yeah... Because rape is nothing like consensual sex... And until the wing-nuts are brought to task, they're getting away with the rape of someone's humanity, self-respect and psyche.

Because, fundamentally, torture is rape of the entire human -- body and spirit.

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