Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why we must prosecute

This is pure evil:
The Bush administration put relentless pressure on interrogators to use harsh methods on detainees in part to find evidence of cooperation between al Qaida and the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s regime, according to a former senior U.S. intelligence official and a former Army psychiatrist.

Such information would’ve provided a foundation for one of former President George W. Bush’s main arguments for invading Iraq in 2003. No evidence has ever been found of operational ties between Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network and Saddam’s regime.

The use of abusive interrogation — widely considered torture — as part of Bush’s quest for a rationale to invade Iraq came to light as the Senate issued a major report tracing the origin of the abuses and President Barack Obama opened the door to prosecuting former U.S. officials for approving them.
Iraq and Al Qaeda had no links. Bush wanted to invade Iraq as part of the NeoCon/PNAC glorious Pax Imperial America. So we tortured people to produce the false confessions we knew people would produce when we tortured them.

Prosecuting this evil would not be "criminalizing politics." It would be justice as committing crimes is not "policy," it's law breaking. No matter what an idiot like David Broder has to say...:

If ever there were a time for President Obama to trust his instincts and stick to his guns, that time is now, when he is being pressured to change his mind about closing the books on the "torture" policies of the past.

Obama, to his credit, has ended one of the darkest chapters of American history, when certain terrorist suspects were whisked off to secret prisons and subjected to waterboarding and other forms of painful coercion in hopes of extracting information about threats to the United States.
We have sunk ever so low as a country... And note the euphemisms for torture. It's like "if I don't say it, it didn't happen... la la la la la..."

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