Thursday, February 5, 2009

Obama Remorse....

I have to say, if it weren't for the problems the spineless wonder seems to be creating in his administration, this would be funny:
.Yesterday, Josh Marshall published two different perspectives from readers. One post featured comments by longtime Obama supporter Theda Skocpol who is apparently disillusioned by Obama's incessant courting of Republicans. Skocpol wrote (emphasis mine, throughout this post): "Obama is, sadly, much to blame for giving the Republicans so much leverage. He defined the challenge as biparitsanship [sic] not saving the U.S. economy. Right now, he has only one chance to re-set this deteriorating debate: He needs to give a major speech on the economy, explain to Americans what is happening and what must be done. People will, as of now, still listen to him -- and what else is his political capital for? Speaking as a strong Obama supporter who put my energies and money into it, I am now very disillusioned with him. He spent the last two weeks empowering Republicans...."
Well, I knew he was bought and sold by big donors and lobbyists. So that he was going after Daschle, one of the biggest whores in Washington didn't make me bat an eyelash.

I knew he wasn't going to get too far away from discredited Republican educational initiatives. So my hopes that public education would fixed is dashed.

I knew he was going to pander to the theocrats. So my hopes for the re-invigoration of Church-State separation have been dashed.

I knew he lacked a spine. So I never, actually, expected him to do anything but politics as usual and refuse to go after Bush, et. al., for all of their crimes.

So nothing that has happened has surprised me in the least. The only thing that spurred me to vote for Obama was Palin because the last thing we need is a religious nut with her hand on the button. The guy is, in every issue, showing himself to be the big damn phony that I recognized early on.


Neil Braithwaite said...

I googled Obama Remorse and found your Blog.

Sorry you're having problems with our new President.

It seems, from your writing, that he isn't quite liberal enough for you.

I agree he should do something about public education. After taking a closer look at your writing, it looks like you went to public school. ex: "So my hopes that public education would fixed is dashed."

If your "only reason to vote for Obama was Palin, you have no reason to complain.

Elections have consequences.

Choose more wisely next time.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, very well expressed.

Anonymous said...

Choose more wisely next time? Seriously? Don't you realize there is no choice? Elections don't have consequences, they don't get us out of occupations, they don't stop the erosion of civil rights, they don't remove the control of private banks from public currency. Why did you google obama remorse anyway? Looking for a place to drop a smug post? Or just to find gramatical errors? By the way, you opened quotations and didn't close them.