Friday, August 1, 2008

What I would have said...

...if registering at was worth the effort:

Don't make stupid polls that celebrate dehumanization then. Seriously, they're idiotic.

For example, equal rights isn't for just the majority. They're for everyone. Giving the mouth-breathers in our society the false-belief that it's "okay" to believe in discrimination is very regressive. It's that kind of constant dehumanizing bile that ends up promulgating the tragedy that struck my fellow UU's in Knoxville.

I bet you thought this was funny:

Well, it ain't so goddamn funny now, is it?

The fact is, dehumanization of those you don't like is the first step towards elimination of those you like. You can't have the Holocaust without dehumanization. You can't the Trail of Tears without dehumanization. You can't have the Mai Lai Massacre without dehumanization. You can't have the Bataan Death March without dehumanization. You can't have racism, gay-bashing or any other type of bigotry without dehumanization.

To break that cycle you've got to stop doing the little things you do that enable dehumanization. Limbaugh, Coulter, et. al. are not "personalities." They hateful vile people and should be denounced. Militia's aren't patriots, they're wackaloons that spawn psychopath's like McViegh. Torture is not okay, ever, and should never be debated as if it might be "okay."

Maybe, in a few generations, if people like you stop the enabling of the worst of us, we'll start to progress, once again, as a society that practices what it preaches. Instead of being a bunch of hypocrites.
This was in response to their feeling "violated" because we freeped their poll about atheism.

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