Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kudos to Senator Clinton

This in, today...:
Senators tried to mount a filibuster of the bill, just the kind of procedural motion Clinton and Obama said they supported nine months ago, eight months ago, seven months ago, six months ago, and so on. Clinton supported the filibuster Wednesday; Obama opposed it.
And so much for "change." Unless, of course, in "Obama speak" "change means doin' like the Republicans want..."

Fuck Obama. I mean, seriously. He's a total sell-out who's willing to sell you, me and everyone else down the river so he can play at being President. Kind of like the idiot we have in charge now.


physicalist said...

Well, I agree, but would Clinton have supported the filibuster if she were the nominee? Personally I doubt it. She'd be sprinting to the right just as much as Obama is; it's just the nature of politics. Doesn't mean we have to like it, though.

"the Dude" said...

When I accidentally stumble into political blog posts like this, I always just leave quickly, but for once here's a comment: WHO THE FUX GIVES A GAWDDAMN. I despise spending more than 3 seconds of my short precious lifetime remaining reading about social propaganda (politics of any type, religion, hyper-atheism). I'm a naturalist.

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