Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Threat Level Chicago Dog

I'm at a "liberal" blog that I really enjoy: The Left Coaster. Unlike the blogs that totally jumped the Obama shark, they were more Clinton-leaning in their collaborative efforts. Now that Hillary appears to be dropping out, the Obama-bots who frequent the blog are acting just like little Rovians:
So you're okay with no abortions or contraception then? What do you think McCain stands for anyway? What do you think a McCain Supreme Court will do?

Posted by Anonny at June 2, 2008 08:31 PM
Anonny is just another sheeple who doesn't get it. The Conservatives already own the Court and likely will for the NEXT TWENTY YEARS. And it is the fault of the Democrats who allowed it to happen. So, considering the havoc they're likely to wreak for the next twenty years, another few years at the end of that shouldn't make that much difference. After all, they'll have already destroyed the fabric of society in their demented fantasy-land reasoning as they hearken back to a Conservative Utopia that never happened.

So, really, try as you like, you're just not going to get enough traction with the "fear card" to make independent-minded Obama-detractors jump on board. At least those of us who are thinking people who, oh I don't know, actually dialed into the reality of the Supreme Court situation.

No matter how many times you Obama-bots try to scare us, most of us realize that we can vote Democrat in EVERY OTHER RACE and dominate the Congress. We don't need Obama to win the Presidency to stop the erosion of our liberties and win the most important branch of government. We just need a veto-proof Congress, and some leaders to stand up to the President, and any crazy appointee can be "Borked."

For people who tend to vote "split-ticket," in order to create an inherent tension in government, such as myself, it's not a big deal to piss on the Obama candidacy. He hasn't earned my vote. He's done nothing in his entire political career to earn my vote. Clinton, whom I've pretty much abhorred since she and her husband burst on the national scene, has at least done that.

So, Obama-bots, if you want people to vote for your candidate, find POSITIVE reasons for us to vote for him. Trying to scare me about the composition of the Supreme Court isn't going to get the job done. Trying to scare me about McCain isn't going to get the job done.

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