Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back in the Closet Again

I kind of feel sorry for the guy. Being unable to let go of his horrid religious views that, no doubt, leave him full of self-loathing and is forced to go back into the closet living a phony life.

Still, I can't feel too sorry for him. He is a wanker and has used his own self-loathing and intolerance to hurt others. And he is making a choice. A stupid choice considering his biological orientation, but it is his own, thus his suffering is self-inflicted so my capacity for empathy is limited:
Haggard, who also stepped down as president of the National Association of Evangelicals, confessed to undisclosed "sexual immorality" and said he bought meth but didn't use it.

Haggard then moved to Phoenix with his family to begin what church leaders called a spiritual restoration program, which was expected to include counseling and prayer and last five years or longer. Boyd said Haggard asked to released from the restoration program in January and is no longer connected with New Life.

Haggard and church officials clashed last summer after Haggard sent an e-mail to a Colorado Springs television station outlining his plans to work as a counselor at a Christian-run halfway house in Phoenix. The e-mail also solicited financial support
The rest of the story is here.

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