Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another fine Greenwald column...

Is it any wonder the rest of the world looks down on us? Seriously, as a country we can't get anything that relates to compassion or respect for our fellow man right:
The company we keep
This article from Agence France-Presse, regarding UN chief Ban Ki-moon's call for all countries to eliminate travel restrictions on individuals with HIV, contains this passage:

According to UNAIDS, the global standard-bearer in the fight against HIV, 74 countries are subjecting HIV carriers to restrictive measures, including a mention of the disease on their passports.

Twelve among them -- Armenia, Colombia, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, South Korea, Sudan, the United States and Yemen -- barred entry to HIV carriers, often citing public health concerns and the high cost of treatment.
Even China recently removed itself from this lovely list by rescinding its ban. A few weeks ago, Andrew Sullivan had an Op-Ed in The Washington Post regarding the extraordinary fact that the U.S. is only one of 12 countries in the world to ban HIV-positive individuals from entering the country, and he described the heavy toll that ban exacts on people such as himself who are living with the virus (This week, the new ACLU blog is hosting a symposium on lesbian and gay issues that includes a discussion of these and related matters).
It's like we're a bunch of gutless cowards who are, emotionally and intellectually, stuck in the 14th Century or something.

The rest is here: Salon

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