Friday, March 21, 2008

Lead Toys, Dangerous Drugs... UPDATE

This is what you can expect from an unregulated market:
Federal drug regulators, in announcing Wednesday that the mystery contaminant in heparin was an inexpensive, unapproved ingredient altered to mimic the real thing, moved closer to concluding that Americans might be the latest victims of lethal Chinese drug counterfeiting.

The finding by the Food and Drug Administration culminated a worldwide race to identify the substance discovered early this month in certain batches of heparin, the blood-thinning drug that had been linked to 19 deaths in the United States and hundreds of allergic reactions.

The contaminant, the regulators said, is a chemically altered form of chondroitin sulfate, a dietary supplement made from animal cartilage that is widely used to treat joint pain. The agency’s announcement followed a report Wednesday in The New York Times that was the first publicly to identify the modified substance as the likely contaminant. That report was based on nearly two dozen interviews with researchers and scientists in China, the United States and Canada.
Just like I pointed out in my prior post (February 28) on this particular issue, the markets don't work like the Libertarians would have you believe. And that dangerous products are the natural and logical result of importing from a Gilded Age economy. Government has a valuable, viable place in society and the best way for it to work is to vote those who don't believe in government, and are sabotaging it, out.

Keeping the Grover Norquists of America in power is akin to deliberately marrying an "open marriage" philanderer. Sooner or later s/he will be cheating on you, no matter what kind of fantasy you have about reform. It's time for people to look at the situation honestly and deal with it appropriately. And that means fixing government, not continuing to demolish through deliberate incompetency.

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