Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Exporting Stupidity Around the Globe

Where have I heard this before...:

NATALIE Karam, a second-year university law student, recently changed classes because she was so uncomfortable about the ideological stance of one of her lecturers.

Hers is the kind of story the federal branch of the Young Liberals wants to hear about as it launches a nationwide campaign to stamp out bias in education, under the slogan "Education, Not Indoctrination".

The organisation's federal president, Noel McCoy, is urging students to record lectures that may exhibit bias and report back
Oh yeah, David Horowitz. Whose goal is to destroy academic freedom by legislating it out of existence and replacing it with state (Republican/Conservative) controlled indoctrination. Horowitz conducts this "Academic Freedom" campaign against his straw-man “liberal bias” argument through his organization Students for Academic Freedom. By "Academic Freedom" Horowitz means "Freedom from anything that challenges my preconceived conservative ideas," and such as the Theory of Evolution, the Holocaust, and other well-established ideas not liked by the lunatic fringe.

According to Horowitz, America’s schools are moving towards a “one party academic state” that is governed by a "ruthless liberal dictatorship." (He forgot Godless there. Don't know what he was thinking.) Horowitz travels from campus to campus with his, frequently, made up tales of "liberal outrages," some of which he cannot document and has been forced to retract.

Horowitz has also sponsored the Orwellian named "Academic Bill of Rights" would serve to castrate professors at both public and private colleges and prevent them from introducing “controversial matter,” such as the Theory of Evolution, into the classroom. The goal of the bill take away the input of trained professors and administrators and give it ideologues in state governments and courts.

BTW, getting the vapors because you can't handle a professor with a different view point while in second-year Law School... Drop out. You're useless. I had many professors who had, and continue to have, different view points than mine. Some more liberal. Some more conservative. Those that had good arguments swayed me. Those that were full of crap did not. Not once did I receive a grade I did not deserve, even when I went agains their particular orthodoxy (like the paper I wrote on how New Age Spiritualism and Astrology was a load of crap).
The National Tertiary Education Union rejected the notion of any widespread systemic bias in Australian universities and said the Young Liberals' campaign had been borrowed from a similar movement in the US, led by conservative intellectual David Horowitz.

"The Australian university system is very diverse," NTEU president Carolyn Allport said.

"It is not one that had been characterised in my view by politicisation. We are very familiar with this campaign: it has come from the US.
"Generally speaking, it has been aired and dealt with."

Dr Allport said she was not sure what a Senate inquiry would achieve, "given we have such a strong environment of freedom of inquiry".
I see they've heard of him there, too. What is the old expression? "A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can even get its boots on."

For those who don't know who the Young Liberals are, they're part of the "conservative" party in Australia whose name (Liberal) derives from their nominally (though not always followed) Laissez-Faire economic beliefs. i.e. "liberal" meaning "do what you want to whomever you want without consequence." Kind of like our Republican party here in the US:

The formation of the party was formally announced in February 1945. The Liberal Party absorbed several former conservative parties, principally the United Australia Party. The Australian Women's National League, a powerful conservative women's organisation, also merged with the new party. A conservative youth group Menzies had set up, the Young Nationalists, was also merged into the new party. It became the Liberal Party's youth division, the Young Liberals. By September 1945 there were more than 90,000 members, many of whom had not previously been members of any political party.

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"ruthless liberal dictatorship." (He forgot Godless there. Don't know what he was thinking.)

Well, it's simple really. God is a little woman named Ruth. So, he didn't really forget.