Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's Darwin Day

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Sorry. Couldn't resist. I get massively tired of the hysterical lies from people who are so massively insecure in themselves and their faith they have to project their neurosis onto the world and try to control it through thuggery and intimidation.

You don't try put your religion in my science, I won't mock you for it. We'll get along just fine.


Mister DNA said...

I found the chapter on dealing drugs to schoolchildren to be quite informative. Getting a job as a science teacher has allowed me to gain easy access to kids, and all those beakers and test tubes make great bongs.

Moses said...

Lol. Yes. Plus you can make meth and cut your transportation and distribution costs to nearly nothing.

Is there nothing Darwinism can't accomplish?

PTET said...

The pages in my copy on transitional fossils and how to have morals without God were totally blank!? But sex with my sister and her dog has never been better! Great book. Recommended. 5 stars!